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Metal Enameling
Many sketches and photographs illustrate cleaning of metal, methods of application, firing and finishing.

Clay: Handbuilding Techniques
This book shows ceramic artists that clay forming methods used for hundreds of years are still very popular today.

Electric Kiln Ceramics: A Guide to Clays and Glazes
Potters will see how to achieve clear, brilliant colors and richly textured surfaces in an electric kiln.

Ceramic Posters
A set of ceramic posters, each 17" x 22", covering a wide range of ceramic topics. Perfect for classroom or studio display.

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Learn how to make molds, choose the right clay or glaze, form and sculpt clay, use a clay extruder, develop a clay curriculum for elementary and middle school students and MUCH MORE from the various publications available from AMACO®.

Noted ceramic experts offer their words of wisdom on these and many other topics to enhance the knowledge of artists and art teachers.

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