Clay Modeling/Sculpting Tools

Our hardwood tools make it easy to sculpt your clay.

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Double-Ended Clay Shapers
Two double-ended rubber-tipped tools for carving shapes into clay.

Lace Tools
Wood and steel tools, for intricate lace work, sgraffito and clean-up.

Hardwood Modeling Tools
Twelve different hardwood tools, seven with wire ends,.

T Tools
Seven tools designed for specific clay working tasks.

Hardwood Tools A-B-C
Modeling tools A-1, B-2, C-3 are made of hard maple and have different tip shapes.

Hardwood Tool Set No. 711
This set of five fine quality, polished hardwood modeling tools, can be used to shape moist clay during modeling.

Mini Clay Extruder
Constructed of sturdy die cast zinc alloy. Approximately 4" long. Furnished with a set of 19 discs.

Scoring Tool
Creates many fine lines for joining clay with one stroke.

Pottery Tool Kit
Set of eight basic tools for working with clay.

Lid Master
Calculates the lid for any size pot.

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See Lesson Plan #15--A New Approach to Developing Images on Clay, for a great idea on using our tools.

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