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Amaco® offers brushes in several styles and sizes plus two specially selected sets.

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Series 1-Liner/Sable
Useful for lettering, outlining, and long continuous strokes.

Series 2-Round/Sable
Useful for detail work.

Series 3-Sabeline Round
Ideal for well-controlled brushwork.

Series 4-Light Ox Hair Flat
Good for applying non-flowing colors and glazes.

Series 5-Pure Red Sable Shader
Ideal for shading and China Painting techniques.

Series 9-Pure Red Sable Detail
Excellent for the finest details.

Series 17-Duster
Designed specifically for the dusting of greenware.

Series 24-Golden Takalon Liner
Useful for lettering, outlining, and long continuous strokes.

Series 28-Fitch Fan
Useful for smoothing and blending.

Spatter Brush
Apply droplets of color with pinpoint control.

Ceramic Brush Set
Set of 18 brushes, 6 each of the following: 1" Hake, No. 5 soft sable round and No. 12 soft sable flat.

Utility Brushes
Ideal for applying color to large areas and backgrounds.

Bamboo Brushes
Excellent for freebrush decoration.

Stamping Stippler Sponge
Foam sponge with wooden handle for applying paints or ceramic glazes.

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Click here for Lesson Plans #11 and #15 which use our brushes.

Superior quality brushes crafted especially for discerning ceramists who demand the very best.

Amaco brushes are handcrafted using only the finest raw materials. Ferrules are constructed of nickel-plated copper or brass. Handles are made of seasoned white birch from New England to give proper size and balance to each brush.

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