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AMACO® glaze accessories include colorful glaze display boards with actual color tiles to show how the glazes will look when fired, a glaze mixer attachment, and Suspendaid.

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An additive that helps resist settling of glazes and also alters brushing glazes to achieve the consistency needed for dipping.

AMACO Gum Solution
AMACO® Gum Solution improves the brushability of glazes and renews old, thick glazes.

AMACO Wax Resist
Apply to greenware or bisque to "resist" application of glaze, slip and underglaze.

2 oz. Underglaze Applicators
These applicators allow the creation of fine or medium lines, dots and letters with Amaco underglazes.

Glaze Mixer
This all purpose, heavy duty, stainless steel mixer operates with both electric and air-driven power tools.

AMACO Ceramic Tiles
White bisque or glazed tiles for use in a variety of tile ceramic projects.

Glaze Chips
Unglazed bisque chips for experimenting with glazes before firing actual pieces.

AMACO Glaze Fired Chip Boards
These attractive 11" x 17" boards show fired sample buttons of AMACO® Glazes. Each color is identified by name and number.

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