Mid/High Fire (Cone 5) Ceramic Clays

Above: Stoneware Body Without Grog No. 480.

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A-Mix White Stoneware Clay No. 11 -- Mid/High Fire (Cone 5)
A versatile, plastic mid-range white stoneware body. Great for throwing, slab and hand building.

Buff Stoneware Clay No. 46 -- Mid/High Fire (Cone 5)
Buff Firing Clay No. 46 is a stoneware clay that is ideal for making durable dishes, sculpture, planters, patio vases and other utility and decorative ware.

Terra Cotta Stoneware Clay No. 77 -- Mid/High Fire (Cone 5)
Terra Cotta Clay No. 77 is excellent for throwing of large pieces, hand building of any size, even large outdoor sculptures, without the fear of slumping.

Stoneware Clay w/grog No. 48 -- Mid/High Fire (Cone 5)
Stoneware Body No. 48 is formulated from several clays selected for their plastic qualities, coarse fire-clay and grog for texture.

Stoneware Clay w/o grog No. 480 -- Mid/High Fire (Cone 5)
The absence of grog gives this clay a smoother surface and is more plastic. It is excellent for throwing, hand building and casting.

White Stoneware Clay No. 38 -- Mid/High Fire (Cone 5)
White Stoneware No. 38 has greatly improved plasticity, a better fit at Cone 5 and makes an excellent Cone 10 stoneware.

Warm Brown Stoneware Clay No. 58 -- Mid/High Fire (Cone 5)
The unique composition of No. 58 creates a warm brown color of reduction when fired in oxidation up to Cone 7 and a terra cotta color at Cone 05. It's a good all around clay for the classroom because of its versatility.

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We make six Mid/High Fire AP labeled ceramic clays formulated as sturdy clay bodies for modeling, wheel throwing and slabrolling in the classroom or studio. Our glazes are specifically formulated to give excellent results on AMACO clays, each glaze having a different effect depending on the clay body you select. (Firing other brands of glazes on our clays will offer successful results as well.)

We certify that AMACO only ships LEAD FREE products in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

For economical classroom kits offering a combination of clay and glaze products, click here.

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