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From the brent Ware Cart EX to the brent Batmobile, we offer many options for storing/moving clay and other accessories.

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brent Ware Cart EX
A strong, sturdy ware cart which provides plenty of storage.

brent Compact Ware Cart
Same sturdiness as the Ware Cart EX, this version is ideal for small spaces.

brent SmartCart
Small sturdy cart with a retractable shelf, can be stored in a closet. Two kits available to help you get started.

brent Batmobile
Store up to (90) 14" bats on this cart.

brent BatBrace
Acts like a bookend to keep bats from sliding on the Brent Batmobile.

brent Kiln Shelf Cart
The perfect helper for loading/unloading your kiln.

Mobile Clay Cart
Sturdy clay cart is completely lined and has locking casters.

Clay Cart with Wedging Board
A practical wedging board with a cabinet which can hold approximately 300 pounds of moist clay.

Wedging Board
A wedging board with two 10" x 12" plaster work surfaces.

Mobile Heat Proof Kiln Cart
Heavy gauge steel construction, three shelves, durable 4" wheels.

Canvas Covered Board
Portable work surface for wedging and rolling clay.

Drying Cabinet
A large 36" wide x 84" high cabinet for storing clay pieces while drying.

Damp Work Cabinet
A large 36" wide x 84" high cabinet for keeping clay projects in a moist, workable condition.

Spray Booth No. 1
Safely spray glazes with this spray booth which uses standard 10" ducting.

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