Slab Rollers

"brent® slab rollers make perfect slabs every time"
Corey Jefferson
Ceramic Instructor
Herron School of Art and Design

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Browse Slab Rollers Products & Accessories

brent SR-14 Slab Roller
A durable, mid-sized slab roller for the serious potter with limited studio space or for educational clay programs.

brent SR-20 Slab Roller
A versatile slab roller, the SR-20 is perfect for studio use or in an advanced school or university clay program.

brent SR-36 Slab Roller
The SR-36 is a great slab roller for potters creating large projects.

brent SRC Slab Roller
Ideal for the hobby potter or for home and studio use, the SRC can be used on a table or with the optional leg set.

brent Mini SRC
This slab roller is compact enough to fit on a table while rolling out slabs up to 14" W x 15" L.

Clay Extruder Mounting Stands
Mounting stands for attaching the brent® Clay Extruder to the end of a brent® SR-14, SR-20 or SR-36 slab roller.

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ALL brent® SLAB ROLLERS HAVE A 1-YEAR WARRANTY, click here for more information!

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Schools, professional potters, and production artists roll out even clay slabs to make tiles for murals, glaze tests, plates, bowls, home decor installations, even illustrated clay comic strips!. Across heavy-duty 2-ply canvas tops, opposing rollers produce slabs up to 36" wide by 52" long (SR-36). brent® slab rollers are built for strength and years of service and are available in three table models and two floor models.

Visit our lesson plan pages (#9, #11, #14, #15, #17, #20, #21, and #23) for projects using our slab rollers.

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