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brent® offers two manual extruders - one table/slab roller model and a wall-mount model plus several die sets for creating dozens of clay shapes.

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Browse Clay Extruders Products & Accessories

Big Pots Clay Extruder Die and DVD Set
NEW!    Learn how to easy it is to make big ceramic pots with extruded bands of clay using the supplied extruder die and PowerPoint presentations DVD created by ceramic professor Diana Pancioli.

brent Manual Clay Extruder
A manual clay extruder for making thousands of hollow shapes.

brent Clay Extruder HD
Heavy-duty wall-mount clay extruder with EXCLUSIVE EZ-Lock Handle.

Extruder Mounting Stands
Save space by attaching brent Manual Clay Extruder to any brent® SR Model Slab Roller.

Standard Die Set
A basic die set for use with the brent® Manual Clay Extruder or brent® Clay Extruder HD.

Hollow Die Set
A tube die set to make hollow extrusions for use with the brent® Manual Clay Extruder or brent® Clay Extruder HD.

3-Piece Die Set with selector
3-piece plastic die set plus selector for use with the brent® Clay Extruder and brent® Clay Extruder HD.

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ALL brent® CLAY EXTRUDERS HAVE A 1-YEAR WARRANTY, click here for more information!

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