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$100 rebate of LEAD FREE AMACO® glazes with purchase of B, C, CXC, EX or No. 16 potter's wheel! Click here for more information.


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brent B Potter's Wheel
Ideal for any classroom.

brent C Potter's Wheel
Ideal for art centers and classrooms.

brent CXC Potter's Wheel
Ideal for professional potters.

brent EX Potter's Wheel
Ideal for large scale work.

brent 16 Rehabilitation Wheel
The ideal wheel for use in any rehabilitation program. Wheel Chair accessible!

brent ie/ie-r Potter's Wheel
Ideal for beginners.

brent ie-x Potter's Wheel
Ideal for beginners.

Kick Wheel Wood Kit
Build your own kick wheel!

AMACO Wheel Stand No. 1B
Optional stand for AMACO No. 1 and No. 2C potter's wheels.

Wheel/Kiln Stand
Ideal for holding a small potter's wheel or kiln.

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ABOVE: "My CXC is STILL going strong! I got it in 1978 and have been making pots on it since. It's now 33 years old and all I've done is replace the belt ONE time!"   -  Gay Smith

Click here to learn more about brent® wheels.

brent® wheels models have up to a 10-Year Warranty, click here to learn more!

Classic Controller--Standard on Models B, C, CXC, EX, and our No. 16 Adaptive Wheel

Get a quick overview of all our wheels with this AMACO/brent Wheel Comparison Chart (PDF download).

Potters will enjoy the old, reliable toggle switches for on/off and forward/reverse commands, as well as, protruding power indicator light that makes it convenient to operate when sitting behind the wheel. The forward/reverse switch also has a neutral “safety” position to assure a smooth transition when switching directions. Easy-to-service modular connections make replacements and repairs quick.

Click here for a PDF of the current brent® parts list.

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