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Computer kiln control devices that provide firing accuracy, convenience, and consistent results every time. Includes Select Fire EXP for 120V models.

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Calibrated Pyrometer/Thermocouple Sets
Calibrated Pyrometer/Thermocouple Sets For Greater Accuracy!

Thermocouples/Thermocouple Elements
AMACO® offers several thermocouples designed to work with specific AMACO® and EXCEL® kilns.

Select Fire Wall Mount
Adds the convenience of computer control to virtually any electric kiln.

Select Fire EXP
The Select Fire™ EXP gives you computer controlled firing for any small kiln that uses 120V AC power.

Kiln-Sitters with Limit Timer
Functions as an added safety factor to prevent overfiring.

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The Select FireTM Kiln Control from Amaco® does all the work so you spend less time monitoring firings. It takes just a few minutes to program the entire firing cycle. Then, you're free to work on other projects in your studio or classroom.

Select FireTM is standard on most AMACO® and EXCEL® kilns instead of the manual control switches. AMACO® kiln models AH-25 and AH-30, FA-44 and FA-88 plus EXCEL® models EX-232, EX-257, EX-323, EX-353, EX-381, EX-399, EX-1099SF, and EX-1266SF come standard with Select FireTM.EXCEL ® model EX-1850 comes standard with Select FireTM and Zone Control (see description below). The wall-mount units are for kilns that were purchased with standard controls.

Select FireTM features include:

  • Delay Firing Start -- Lets you delay the start of the firing cycle by up to 99 hours, 99 minutes
  • Ramp/Hold -- Allows you to store up to 8 firing profiles for various types of clays and glazes
  • Cone Fire Mode -- Entering the Cone number, speed, and hold time for the type of work you are doing
  • Preheat Cycle -- Part of the Cone Fire Mode, this feature allows programming of a soak cycle at 180° for a desired length of time
  • Permanent Memory -- Protects values entered in case of a power failure
  • Controlled Cooling Rate -- Program specific cooling rate to achieve desired results
  • Program Review -- Shows which Ramp/Hold segment is currently in use
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA under license from the Edward J. Orton, Jr. Ceramics Foundation

    The Select FireTM with Zone Control has all the features of the standard model plus it uses three thermocouples to sense temperature variation between the sections and sends a signal to energize the elements in the cooler section and bring it up to temperature with the other sections.

    The EX-365SF and EX-1099SF can be ordered with Zone Control on special order (standard on model EX-1850SF).

    The Select FireTM EXP Computer control is for smaller kilns that use 120V household current such as the AMACO® 62-EFC, 67-EFC and MK-4.

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