Pyrometric Cones

From time-tested Orton® pyrometric cones to pyrometers and thermocouples, you'll have everything you need for accurate firings.

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Self-Supporting Cones-Orton
Cones with convenient built-in base for ease of use.

Pyrometric Cones-Orton
Pyrometric cones available in two sizes for maximum accuracy during firing.

Cone Plaques
Refractory holder supports up to four cones.

Cone Holders
Heat resistant wire cone holders hold pyrometric cones in position while firing.

Kilns > Pyrometric Cones

Whether you're looking for traditional pyrometric cones, pyrometers, and kiln sitters or state-of-the-art computer kiln control devices, AMACO® has you covered. Our advanced Select FireTM kiln controller is an available option on all AMACO® and EXCEL® kilns and standard equipment on others. It is also available as a separate wall unit which can be used with any kiln currently in operation. See the section, "Select Fire Kiln Control" for more information.

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