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Everything from stilts, plate setters and shelf supports to make firing easier.

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Bead Tree
Holds several beads during firing.

Bead Racks
Space saving device for hanging beads and jewelry while firing.

Ceramic Peephole Plugs
Ceramic peephole plugs

Decorating Spur
Tiny spurs used for stacking glazed ceramic pieces.

Stilts are used to prevent objects from touching shelves during firing.

Triangles are used to prevent objects from touching shelves during firing.

Pointed Stilts
Stoneware base stilts with three metal alloy points.

Shelf Supports
Mullite props and shelf supports. Maximum Cone 10.

Plate Setter
Stack from one to six plates for firing.

Tile Setters
Allows the firing of many tiles at once.

Tile/Plate Setters
Stackable Tile/Plate Setters can be placed horizontally or vertically.  

Zetex Kiln Gloves
Heavy-duty kiln gloves that can be used up to 1000°F and will not burn.

General Duty Kiln Gloves
Lighter duty gloves for use in temperatures up to 450°F.

Kiln Shelf Cart
The perfect helper for loading/unloading your kiln.

AMACO Kiln Shelf Wash
Kiln Shelf Wash prolongs kiln shelf life and makes glaze drippings easy to remove.

Amacote prevents the formation of black scale on bare metal caused by oxidation during firing.

AMACO Kiln Cement
AMACO® Kiln Cement permanently seals cracks and chips in kiln refractory.

AMACO Kiln Lid Seal
A thin coat of AMACO® Kiln Seal prevents refractory particles from dusting off on ware during firing.

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Amaco® offers a full range of furniture and accessories for kilns.

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