KilnVents from AMACO® improve the airflow inside the kiln and keeps your firing area free of unwanted gasses.

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Browse KilnVents Products & Accessories

KilnVent-Suspended Version
For use with all AMACO® top loading, box-style kilns.

KilnVent-Stand Version
For use with all EXCEL® kilns except the EX-1850.

Master KilnVent
This versatile KilnVent effectively ventilates AMACO® square kilns or the EXCEL® 1850SF kiln.

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KilnVents have a 2-year warranty, click here for more information!

AMACO® offers two KilnVents for use on AMACO® kilns. Each offers the exclusive Orton® patented downdraft system that produces truer colors by replacing carbon monoxide while adding oxygen needed for brighter reds, greens, golds, and yellows. It also effectively mixes hot gas from the kiln with room air to provide a cool exhaust that\'s safely vented outdoors. AMACO® KilnVents also:

  • Create more uniform temperature - circulating the hot air allows items at the bottom of the kiln to receive the same heat as those at the top
  • Reduce firing problems - oxygen brought into the kiln helps burn out carbon and organics in bodies and glazes reducing crazing, pinholing, and porcelain mildew

U.S. Patent No. 4,863,374 and 4,978,295 Edward J. Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation

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