Table-Top Low Fire Kilns

Choose from five low fire table-top kilns that are perfect for glaze testing, firing small pottery pieces, metal enameling, PMC, and glass.

ABOVE: MAC-2000 kiln with Orton® Auto-Fire Express computer control.

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Browse Table-Top Low Fire Kilns Products & Accessories

MAC-2000 Kiln
Mid-sized table-top kiln for low fire ceramics, metal clays, glass, heat treating, and glaze testing.

62-EFC Kiln
The 62-EFC from AMACO® is a small tabletop kiln that is excellent for metal enameling, glaze testing, and decorating.

67-EFC Kiln
The 67-EFC kiln from AMACO® is a medium-sized table-top kiln that is excellent for metal enameling, glaze testing, and decorating.

FA-5-E Kiln
A portable metal enameling kiln for pieces up to 5" in diameter.

MK-4 Kiln
The MK-4 is perfectly suited for firing small low-fire objects up to 3" wide by 3" high.

Refractory Blocks
Blocks for metal enameling in two sizes.

Enameling Sifters
Two sizes of sifters to remove lumps from enamelling powder.

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These Kilns have up to a 5 year warranty, click here to learn more!

From the low-cost FA-5-E to the MAC-2000, there's an AMACO® table-top kiln for any need.

  • FA-5E -- 6.25" diameter firing chamber and 900 watt Kanthal heating element reaches 1600°F
  • MK-4 -- Strong steel exterior, 4.25" x 6.5" x 4.5" firing chamber, 2000°F maximum
  • 62-EFC -- Strong steel exterior, 5.75" x 7.75" x 4.75" firing chamber, Cone 03 maximum
  • 67-EFC -- Strong steel exterior, 10" x 13.5" x 5" firing chamber, Cone 03 maximum
  • MAC-2000 -- Ideal for metal clay, low fire ceramics, heat testing, and glass, 2000°F maximum

Elements are always available for our kilns and can be ordered by phone only. Download our Element Chart (PDF), find your kiln, then have the following information with you when you call: Kiln Model Number, Serial Number, Voltage and Phase.

Get a quick overview of the two EFC kilns with this Metal Enameling Kiln Comparison Chart (PDF download).

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