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Select from four top-loading floor models, the HF-97, HF-101, HF-105, and EC-55 three with a maximum firing temperature of Cone 10 and one with a maximum temperature of Cone 03.

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EC-55 Kiln
The EC-55 is a low-fire, small capacity top-loading kiln that has a maximum temperature of Cone 03.

HF-97 Kiln
Designed for schools or studios with smaller requirements, the HF-97 is built with the same high quality components as the HF-101 and 105.

HF-101 Kiln
The HF-101 is a medium capacity top-loading floor model kiln with a firing range up to Cone 10.

HF-105 Kiln
The HF-105 is our largest capacity top-loading floor model kiln with 8.33 cu. ft. firing chamber.

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Up to a $110 gift of LEAD FREE AMACO® glazes with purchase ($140 with purchase of Deluxe Ceramic Program with HF-101SF kiln)! Click here for more information.

AMACO® Top Loading kilns have a 5-year warranty, click here to learn more!


Click here to see our many lesson plans which use our electric kilns.

Elements are always available for our kilns and can be ordered by phone only. Download our Element Chart (PDF), find your kiln, then have the following information with you when you call: Kiln Model Number, Serial Number, Voltage and Phase.

Get a quick overview of all our top loading kilns with this AMACO® Top Loading Kiln Comparison Chart (PDF download).

AMACO® offers four top-loading floor model kilns -- three that will fire to Cone 10: the HF-97, HF-101, and HF-105 and the EC-55 which has a maximum temperature of Cone 03. The HF-105 is the largest, with a capacity of 8.33 cu. ft. followed by the HF-101 with 5.06 cu. ft., the HF-97 and EC-55 with 3.38 cu. ft. All are well insulated for minimum heat radiation making them very safe for school use. Strong welded steel frames and Kanthal A-1 element wire assures years of dependable service. Spring-balanced lids mean effortless opening and closing. All are offered with the Select Fire™ kiln controller or manual controls.

See the "PDF file downloads" box above to access two PDF's -- How to Buy a Kiln and the AMACO® Kilns Operating Manual.

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