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The AMACO® AH-10, AH-25 and AH-30 kilns are large capacity, front-loading floor model kilns.

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AH-10 Kiln
The AH-10 is a front-loading kiln for medium-sized ceramic art departments and studios.

AH-25 Kiln
The AH-25 is a front-loading kiln for medium-sized ceramic art departments and studios.

AH-30 Kiln
The AH-30 is a large capacity front-loading kiln for ceramic art departments and studios.

FA-44 Kiln
The FA-44 is a 1.59 cu. ft. table-top kiln with a maximum temperature of Cone 03.

FA-88 Kiln
The FA-88 offers a 2.83 cu. ft. firing capacity for low-fire pottery, china, and metal enameling projects.

FINE-ART Cabinet Base
Cabinet base for Kilns FA-44 and FA-88.

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AMACO® Front Loading kilns have a 5-year warranty, click here to learn more!

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Elements are always available for our kilns and can be ordered by phone only. Download our Element Chart (PDF), find your kiln, then have the following information with you when you call: Kiln Model Number, Serial Number, Voltage and Phase.

Get a quick overview of all our front loading kilns with this AMACO® Front Loading Kilns Comparison Chart (PDF download).

AMACO® manufactures five front loading kilns - the AH-10, AH-25, AH-30, FA-44 and FA-88. The AH series kilns have a maximum temperature of Cone 10. These three front-loading floor model kilns have refractory-backed steel doors that fit snugly and swing open for easy stacking. They feature 5, 7, and 8 inches of combined firebrick and block insulation respectively for greater firing efficiency and lower radiant temperature. The AH-10 and AH-30 have handy storage cabinets below for holding kiln furniture, and other supplies.

AMACO® also offers two Fine Art Kilns - the FA-44 and FA-88 - that are ideal for glass decoration, china painting, and metal enameling.

See the "PDF file downloads" box above to access two PDF's -- How to Buy a Kiln and the AMACO® Kilns Operating Manual.

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