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All the supplies you need for casting in glass.

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Casting Glass Tiles
3" x 3" x 1/4" casting glass tiles in Cobalt Blue, Spearmint, and Tangerine..

Glass Mosaic Chunks
COE 90 compatible glass chunks for adding bright colors to warm glass art pieces.

Glass Frit
A finer texture than the Mosaic Chunks, to be used for designing on glass.

Glass Mosaic Chunks/Frit Assortment
An assortment containing five colors of Mosaic Chunks, Assorted Mosaic Chunks, and 3 six colors of Glass Frit, 3 oz. of each.

Billet Chunks-Clear
Clear billet chunks for glass casting

Casting Mix for glass
Fine Glass Casting Mix for making a glass casting mold or Coarse Glass Casting Mix to make a large mold for glass casting.

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