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These tools are ideal for working with polymer clay.

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Designer Push Molds
Four flexible molds with themed faces and words for Scrapbooking, Journals, Home Decor and more!

PolyCutters work just like cookie cutters to create a variety of geometric, flower, heart and leaf shapes into your Friendly Plastic or polymer clay wearable art projects.

Beveled Edge Cutters
Cut geometric shapes in clay with these durable plastic cutters.

Beveled Edge Cutters - Dog Shapes
Cut out a dog house, paws, and a bone out of clay with this set of cutters.

This sturdy, stainless steel polymer clay blade is specially designed for slicing blocks of polymer clay or canes.

Flexible PolyBlade
A stainless steel blade that's flexible, allowing you to make curved cuts in polymer clay.

Made of solid acrylic, this roller helps condition polymer clay and roll out sheets.

Clay Measuring Template
An easy-to-use tool for measuring lengths and circles when working with polymer clays.

Craft Clay Machine (formerly Pasta Machine)
Sturdy, stainless steel construction and nine thickness settings for softening and rolling out slabs of any moist clay.

Polymer Clay and Craft Oven
A countertop oven with 300° maximum temperature for baking polymer clays and other craft products.

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