Clay and Glaze Decorating Tools

From banding wheels to sieves, these are the tools you need to aid in decorating your pottery.

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Drying/Heat Gun
An effective tool to speed up the drying time of clay or glazes.

Decorating Wheel
Plastic table-top wheel with concentric circles for ease of centering while modeling.

Decorating Wheel No. 5
An all aluminum table top wheel for decorating, modeling or trimming

Tabletop Banding Wheels
Two tabletop banding wheels designed for smooth rotation even with heavy pieces up to 200 lbs.

Ceramic Tiles
White bisque or glazed tiles for use in a variety of tile ceramic projects.

AMACO Glaze Chips
Unglazed bisque chips for experimenting with glazes before firing actual pieces.

Tests for specific gravity of glazes and slip.

Durable steel spatula for mixing glazes, underglazes, and engobes.

Metal Sieve
The AMACO metal sieve has a strong, circular metal frame with rust proof brass sieve cloth that is drawn taut and securely soldered to the frame.

Plastic Sieves
Ideal for preparation of clay and glaze slip, these sieves have a 6" diameter stainless steel screen permanently fused in tough, flexible polyethylene bowl.

AMACO Enameling Sifters
Two sizes of sifters to remove lumps from enamelling powder.

AMACO Glaze Mixer
This all purpose, heavy duty, stainless steel mixer operates with both electric and air-driven power tools.

Slip Trailer
A handy 2 oz. bottle with nozzle tip for aplying glazes, casting slips and engobes.

Slip Trail Applicator
Apply engobes or casting slips with this syringe-type applicator.

Underglaze Applicators
These applicators allow the creation of fine or medium lines, dots and letters with Amaco underglazes.

Applicators/Velvets Class Pack
A class pack containing three each of four applicators for use with underglazes, glazes, paint or wax resist. A pint jar of AMACO Jet Black Velvet Underglaze is also included.

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