Clay Trimming and Throwing Tools

Tools you need for cutting and carving into clay as well as throwing on the wheel.

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Adjustable Clay Slicer
NEW!  Adjustable hand-held clay slicer cuts slabs up to 8" wide.

Mold Trimming Knife
A 4" plastic knife that trims all molds quickly, easily and without damage.

Ceramic Carving Spatula
Made of a very strong plastic, this multi-purpose tool has a blade for cutting and carving, a point for incising and, and can be used as a spatula.

Clay Cutter (wire)
Stainless steel wire clay cutter with 3" hardwood handles.

Fettling Knife
A knife with a thin flexible blade for removing mold marks, carving and other clay work.

Wedging Angle
Portable wedging angle made of strong angle iron, complete with steel cutting wire.

Hardwood Tool No. 8
This pottery tool is specifically designed for trimming the bottom of pots while still on the wheel.

Wooden Throwing Ribs
Walnut throwing ribs serve as templates and for shaping, curving, smoothing, and opening wet clay.

Potters Needle Tool
This tool has a heavy sharp needle that makes a clean, smooth cut with minimum drag.

This unique tool makes clean, angled cuts in clay quickly and easily with just a long needle tool.

Flexible Scrapers
Flexible scrapers for smoothing and trimming pottery shapes.

Finishing Rubbers
Pliable rubber rubber shapes for smoothing and finishing pottery.

Clay Tile Cutters
NEW! Cut clay slabs into 2" or 4" tiles, strips, and rectangles in just a few strokes!

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