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Two kilns for small and large glass projects.

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GSF-670 Kiln
The GSF-670 glass kiln from AMACO® features top and side elements that will fire glass evenly and allow for pieces to heat at a uniform rate.

GSF-045 Kiln
The GSF-045 is an excellent kiln for fusing glass and for smaller projects in addition to annealing torch work beads.

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Click here for Lesson Plans #18, #22, and #25 which show some creative projects using glass supplies and these kilns.

AMACO® offers two glass kilns - the tabletop GSF-045 and a floor model GSF-670. Each has a maximum temperature of Cone 07 (1809 degrees F).


The GSF-045 has a .45 cu. ft. firing chamber capacity and is equipped with the Glass Select Fire controller for accurate and stable temperatures and is perfect for small pieces and jewelry. The GSF-670 has a 6.72 firing chamber capacity and is also equipped with the Glass Select Fire controller. It has top and side element coils and an extra-tall firing chamber for drop mold and slumping projects. The EZ-Lift spring-assisted lid hinge is availalable as an option.

Both kilns are covered by a TWO YEAR WARRANTY, click here for more information!

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