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In just two minutes, you're ready to make perfect reproductions in perfect detail. Works with virtually any casting medium.

AMACO Flexwax
Perfect for making molds from three dimensional objects by simply melting, brushing it on, and allowing to harden. Molds made with Flexwax can be remelted and used again and again.

AMACO Rubber Latex
A white, liquid rubber latex material for applying over original models. Castings can then be made with AMACO Setstone or plaster of paris.

AMACO Casting Compound -- Plaster of Paris
Mix with water to create an excellent mold-making and casting material.

AMACO Pottery Plaster
An excellent medium for castings, original models, and especially for making molds for slip casting.

AMACO Setstone
Although similar to plaster in working qualities, molds, castings and models are less absorbent and three to four times harder when made with Setstone.

AMACO Plaster Separator
AMACO® Plaster Separator is used for sizing an original model made of Setstone, plaster, or any other porous material.

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