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Claycrete -- Instant Papier Mache
An exceptionally white papier mache that's easy to prepare and model. Ideal for use with WireForm® products.

This dry, white, AP certified modeling material produces objects that are very lightweight, strong and durable.

U Build The Mountain DELUXE Kit
This kit contains two pounds of Sculptamold®, PlasterForm™, WireForm®, and instructions for creating realistic scenery and an erupting volcano.

A superior plaster cloth that provides a smooth finish to scenic landscapes, model train dioramas and other sculptures.

Artone Venus Modeling Clay
Gray-Green in color, this responsive clay is firm yet smooth and non-hardening. Recommended as a medium for professional sculptors.

AMACO Carving Wax
AMACO® Carving Wax carves easily with simple tools or utensils.Finished pieces can be used as a master to produce multiple copies.

Industrial Styling Clay (HBX-2)
A medium firmness, non-hardening clay that is ideal for designing large and small models.

Objects made with this modeling material have a granite-like texture that is lighter than stone, permanent, and weather-proof when dry.

An ultra lightweight carving and sculpting material for beginners as well as experienced crafters. Check out our Balsa-Foam with Velvet Underglazes Printing Kit!

Balsa-Foam/AMACO Velvets Printing Kit
Carve designs into Balsa-Foam then print on clay using AMACO® Velvet Underglazes and the Technique Sheet included.

Rice Paste Powder
An easy-to-use wheat gluten free modeling medium that mixes with cold water to form a paste that's great for papier mache projects     

Wheat Paste Powder
An easy-to-use modeling medium that mixes with cold water to form a paste that's great for papier mache projects.

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The artist or crafter can find the medium they need for their project from our wide selection.

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