Air Dry and Self-Hardening Clays

Our Air Dry and Self-Hardening Clays are the perfect handbuilding and modeling medium.

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Air Dry Modeling Clays
White, red or gray modeling clays that can be allowed to air dry or fired in a kiln to Cone 04.

A moist, self-hardening, gray clay that can be modeled by hand, with tools, or thrown on a potter's wheel.

SmartCart Non-Firing Kit
The perfect introductory kit for classrooms without a kiln. Includes 100 lbs. of Marblex self-hardening clay, brent Mini SRC slab roller, molds, SmartCart, and tools.

Mexican Pottery Clay
A self-hardening red clay supplied in moist form ready to use. When dry, modeled objects are hard and durable.

Self-hardening white clay. Prepared in moist form and ready to use. When completely dry, finished pieces are hard and durable.

Magic Mud
This unique, versatile clay comes in moist form and finished pieces can be allowed to air dry or fired in a kiln. Air dried pieces can be turned back into mud again by adding water.

Clay Flour
A gray clay in dry form that mixes easily with water to create an exceptionally smooth, pliable moist clay.

Moist Pottery Clay
A natural gray in clay in moist form that fires to a light buff. Suitable for hand modeling and wheel throwing.

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All these clays can be painted with the medium of your choice. The air-dry clays can be thrown on a potters wheel.

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