Wheel and Leg Accessories

From brent Splash Pans to Leg Extension Kits, accessories for your wheel.

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Splash Pans
Our high density gold or black polypropylene molded pan fits all brent® wheels.

Giffin Grip
Designed specifically for trimming, it works equally well with waxing the foot or banding with underglazes or engobes.

brent Booties
Add height to brent B, C, CXC, EX and wheels (also ie and ie-x made after January, 2009).

Leg Extension Kit
For use with all brent® wheels B, C, CXC, EX wheels as well as ie/ie-x wheels built after 1/09.

Seat for brent wheels
Attaches directly to brent wheels B, C, CXC, EX and ie/ie-x built after January, 2009.

Potters Stool
A sturdy, comfortable stool made from heavy gauge tubular steel with a durable enamel finish.

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