Throwing Bats and QuickCenter

Choose from a wide assortment of bats and center clay easily with our QuickCenter.

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Browse Throwing Bats and QuickCenter Products & Accessories

QuickCenter System
"Training wheels" for the centering process. Center up to 4 lbs. of clay in three easy steps.

Use 8" and 10" bats on wheel heads not drilled to accept smaller size bats with our Adapt-a-Bat!

Made from very rigid, high impact plastic for continuous use. Easy to clean!

9" Square Plasti-Bat
Increases shelf storage and fits standard wheel heads.

Pressed Wood Bats
Made of durable pressboard and fit on our bat pins.

Setstone Bats
Absorbs water during drying process for easy release of ceramic pieces.

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The QuickCenter is a great teaching tool so students can easily feel when ware is centered. Also great for experienced potters who want to output cups or small bowls quickly.

We have a wide range of bats to fit your style of working. From our nearly indestructible, long-lasting Plasti-bats, to our highly absorbent Setstone bats.

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