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AMACO® clay and ceramic videos demonstrate the importance of clay as an art form as well as numerous techniques for shaping clay with the hands or on a wheel.

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I Am Clay
This video demonstrates the many benefits of clay as a way for young children to express their creativity, build dexterity, and improve hand/eye coordination.

Daughters of the Anasazi
This DVD introduces you to the late Lucy Lewis and her daughters who demonstrate how to create pueblo pottery in the ancient tradition of the Anasazi.

How to Choose A Kiln
Compare models, sizes and maximum temperatures of AMACO® square or EXCEL® round kilns to determine the model that suits your needs.

How to Throw on a Potter's Wheel
Dee Schaad introduces new ceramic artists to throwing on a potter's wheel and recommends the tools needed.

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From "I Am Clay", an informative video that shows the power of clay for toddlers and preschoolers to "How to Throw on a Potter's Wheel" a video that introduces new ceramic artists and students to throwing on a potter's wheel, AMACO® clay and ceramic videos provide a wide range of information for children, students, and adults.

AMACO® also offers DVD's on how to select the kiln or wheel that is best for your classroom or studio.

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