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AMACO® offers several tools for working with glass including 100 and 200 grit diamond pads, a breaker/grozer and diamond-tipped glass engraver.

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Fiber Shelf Paper
Place on kiln shelves to protect glass pieces and make them easier to remove from the kiln.

Running Pliers
6 1/2" long, non-slip handles and plastic-coated jaw ends that do not scratch the glass.

Glass Breaker/Grozer
Breaks glass away from score line and removes small glass bits.

Abrasive Stones
Fine and medium grit stones for hand polishing glass.

Metal Glass Cutter
General purpose, hand-held glass cutter.

High Temperature Wire
20 gauge wire for making glass jewelry.

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AMACO's glass product line includes several tools to make working with warm glass easy and fun.

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