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Choose from over 500 AP (Approved Product) seal premium lead free glazes... the first choice in glazes for art teachers. If you've ever wanted to achieve Cone 10 reduction effects in your electric kiln, try our Potter's Choice colors. Also shop for specialty underglaze pencils and crayon/chalks...which are the only products of their kind on the market! Watch our NEW Pencil/Chalk Crayon video tutorial!

Select AP (Approved Product) seal ceramic, air dry and modeling clays plus our classic modeling compounds, like Claycrete and Sculptamold.

Buy the most popular wheel brand--brent potters wheels--and receive up to a 10-year warranty

The QuickCenter Clay Centering System See how the QuickCenter can be used as 'training wheels' for centering on the potter's wheel.


We certify that AMACO only ships LEAD FREE products in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. 


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Lead Free Glazes & Underglazes

We're the leader in safe manufacturing and labeling of lead free glazes! Hundreds of AP certified colors! More lead free glazes than any other manufacturer in the world! If you've ever wanted to achieve Cone 10 reduction effects in your electric kiln, try our Potter's Choice colorsCheck out our Velvet Underglazes--popular with professionals as much as with students... can be mixed and layered like paint. See what people are saying about our Velvets!

That's Paul Wandless who uses our Velvets and LUG series. Join Paul on our Social Network!

Firing Classroom Kits

These kits are perfect for Teachers looking for an economical and convenient way to purchase our most popular glazes and underglazes for their classrooms. We have a wide variety of kits available suitable for grades K-12+ and others suitable for grades 7-12+.

brent Potters Wheels & Equipment

The most popular potter's wheels on the market are brent® wheels... because strength and durability is never a question!

See the Classic Controller! That's Don Reitz testing out the Classic Controller in his Arizona studio. For more with Don, select "Professional Potters" at top of page.

Firing Clays

We make more clay than anyone in America! Our advanced system of clay handling and processing results in superior clays that are consistent with every batch.



AMACO® kilns can last for 20-30 years that's why we are a good long-term partner for schools! Our AH-25 has top elements for adding glass fusing to ceramic programs. Our affordable EXCEL® kilns come in a variety of sizes and price points... with standard features that cost more on other makes!

Non-Firing Products

Choose from unique multimedia craft products like Rub 'n Buff for home decor, Friendly Plastic for jewelry making and papercrafts. Roll perfectly shaped beads from any type of clay with our Bead Rollers! Accent with mixed metals too like ArtEmboss or make your own jewelry findings!

That's Jean Easter, Frame Conservator, who knows that a Framer's Emergency Kit always includes Rub 'n Buff and Nail Hole Filler.

Tools & Supplies

We know that clay people are tool junkies and aficionados! That's why we stock a wide array of brushes,  tools, wire clay cutters, banding wheels, sieves, glaze mixers and more.... like texture molds and drape molds.

Glass Products

We offer COE 90 glass supplies for fusing, slumping and casting projects. Choose from comprehensive classroom project kits to colorful stringers, noodles, billets, chunks, frit, tools and slump molds!


That's George Debikey, Professional Artist and retired AMACO Ceramic Engineer, casting in glass (Lesson Plan 22).


GREAT DEALS on discontinued items -- up to 90% off original list prices! Click on the link below to start saving.

Resource Materials

Shop for ceramic books, videos, posters and chip boards. Remember all Brent wheels come with a free DVD "How to Throw on a Potter's Wheel."

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