The Brent Classic Controller

Optimal Torque. Complete Control. Smooth Operation.

The Brent Classic Controller is back!

Classic Controller available on Brent B, C, CXC, and EX Models, as well as No. 16 Adaptive Wheel

Considered the Harley-Davidson of potters’ wheels, Brent® Wheels exemplifies “Optimal Torque. Complete Control. Smooth Operation.” The Classic Controller is on Brent® Wheels Models B, C, CXC and EX! With EZ-feel toggles and switches, protruding indicator lights, you can easily “control” your speed from behind the wheel.

The forward/reverse switch has a neutral position, which allows for smooth transitions, no accidental “bumps” when switching directions. The neutral position also converts the wheelhead into a banding wheel. Filtered SRC (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) prevents interference with AM/FM radio frequencies.


brent Classic Controller Features:

  • Electronic variable speed control for optimal torque at all speeds
    Wheel speed remains constant under varying loads
  • Quiet operation
    Electronic filter reduces operating noise
  • Easy-to-read indicator light
    Protrudes from control box for viewing from potter’s stool
  • EZ-feel toggle switches are easy to locate
    On:off switch with additional forward:reverse switch
    Forward:reverse has neutral:safety position for smooth transitions and use as banding wheel
  • Easy-to-service modular connections for motor and foot pedal

Brent Wheels Models Available with 10-Year Warranty
Brent B, C, CXC, EX, and 16 Adaptive Potter's Wheels available with Brent Classic Controller

Brent Wheels Models Available with 5-Year Warranty

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Use the Classic Controller with the Brent No 16 Adaptive Potter's Wheel!

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