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brent Wheels have up to a 10-Year Warranty!

Potters worldwide recognize the gold splash pans as the identifying trademark of a brent® wheel… remember Demi Moore in “Ghost“?

Don Reitz, professional potter & Brent Wheel user

Don Reitz, professional potter and Brent Wheel user

AMACO was fortunate to buy the most popular line of pottery wheels and equipment, brent®, in 1978 from pottery innovator Robert Brent, who founded his company over 40 years ago on “quality and performance, not on the bottom line.”

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AMACO/brent offers up to a 10-Year warranty, (click here to learn more) – it’s our way of standing behind the performance, strength and reliability of brent® Wheels. Durability and strength is never a question, just ask Don Reitz!

“I’ve used a brent® Wheel for 39 years with virtually no maintenance. I own 7 brent® Wheels, and have thrown many tons of clay. I require a wheel that is sturdy and will not wobble yet is portable enough to move around the studio. I often stand on the wheel tabletop to work on very large forms,” says Don Reitz, Professional Potter, well known for salt glazes & large forms, with artwork in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, Chicago Art Institute, American Museum of Ceramic Art, and many more. Don throws only on a brent®.

The brent Classic Controller.

The brent Classic Controller.

The Classic Controller
brent® made its reputation as the Harley Davidson of potters wheels by providing optimal torque at all speeds, with a reversing switch that has a safety/neutral position for smooth transitions…  ‘neutral’ also allows the wheel head to be used as a banding wheel.

Potters will enjoy the old-reliable toggle switches for on/off and forward/reverse commands, as well as, protruding indicator lights that make it convenient when operating from behind the wheel.

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Photo of the Layering Potters Choice glazes May Ceramics Monthly ad

Layering PCs

See how artists Tracy Gamble and Josh Heim combined AMACO® Potter’s Choice (PC) glazes to create very unique patterns on faceted tea bowls (Tracy) and mini bowls (Josh) by clicking here.


Check out our Ceramic Installation pages and think about how such an installation can add history, pride and inspiration to your community.

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