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Choose from five different types of sponges to meet all of your ceramic needs.

AMACO Rubber Scrubber
Removes seams and other marks from greenware or bisque. Tough, abrasive side for hard to remove marks. Soft, smooth foam side for gentle smoothing and general cleaning. Approximately 3" square.

Silk Sponge
The best sponge for all-purpose pottery usage. These genuine imported Mediterranean Silk sponges average 2" in diameter.

Elephant Ear Sponges
These special sponges are finely grained, highly absorbent and excellent for finishing pottery. They are compressed when shipped, but when wet average 3/8" in thickness. The No. 1 sponge is from 4" to 5" in width and length, and the No. 2 from 2" to 3".

Sheepswool Sponge
These genuine, imported, natural shaped, Mediterranean sheepswool sponges are widely used in pottery workshops. They average from 4" to 5" in diameter and are soft and durable.

Synthetic Sponge
These biscuit shaped sponges are often used as a substitute for Elephant Ear Sponges. They are 3/4" thick and 3 1/4" in diameter. Hydra sponges have been proven to last longer than natural sponges.

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