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Glass Slump Mold 3"x3" Square

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3" x 3" ceramic bisque slump mold with angled sides

Glass Slump/Casting Molds > 3 x 3 Square Glass Slump Mold - Straight/Angled Sides

Compose your glass design on a 3" x 3" piece of glass using Amaco® Assorted Shapes, Noodles, Frits or the Mosaic Chunks. If you have a glass cutter you can also cut your own shapes from other COE 90 glass pieces and add to your design. Apply AMACO® Kiln Shelf Wash to the mold. When dry, place glass in the kiln. You can fuse your design flat on a kiln washed shelf first, then slump it on the 3" x 3" mold.
Ceramic bisque mold for use fusing / slumping glass.

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