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Friendly Plastic Ivory Pellets 7oz. Plastic Bag

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Easy-to-use modeling pellets that soften in warm water for sculpting or pressing into molds. Learn more on Friendly Plastic TV. Learn how to make tools!

When you Google® Friendly Plastic®, you will find inventors and sculptors who make replacement tools, parts, and prototypes with white Friendly Plastic® Pellets. NASA and M.I.T. use Friendly Plastic® for prototypes with scientists and students. Problem-solving and home repairs can be just as easy! Add to warm water for sculpting or pressing into a mold. 
Friendly Plastic® Pellets are completely reusable. Simply re-soften and start over.

Heating instructions for Friendly Plastic® Pellets:

1.Heat up quickly at 120F in water, oven, non-stick griddle, or with heat gun.
2. When softened, shape or press into mold.
3. If desired, add color with craft paint or pigments.
4. Pellets quickly harden as they cool.
5. Reheat to continue modeling or to reuse.

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