• Bf velvets kit 43023a
  • Bf transfer step1 carve design
  • Bf transfer step2 inking balsa
  • Bf transfer step3 press into clay
  • Bf transfer step4 triptych in hand
  • Lg2 768
  • Single pot wandless
  • V 318 rose
  • V 326 medium blue
  • V 345 light green
  • V 353 dark green
  • V 360 white
  • V 361 jet black
  • V 366 teddy bear brown
  • V 370 velour black
  • V 381 amethyst
  • V 386 electric blue
  • V 387 bright red
  • V 389 flame orange
  • V 391 intense yellow

Balsa-Foam® & Velvets Printing Kit

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Product Description

This Balsa-Foam® clay printing class pack provides all the tools and instructions for making at least 48 different 3" x 3" printed designs on clay. Balsa-Foam® is carved using safe wooden tools, then pressed into moist clay to create impressions and texture. Applying AMACO® Velvet underglazes to the Balsa-Foam® before printing applies color to the clay at the same time. Alternatively, the underglaze designs can be printed onto flat pre-fired clay and tiles. Balsa-Foam® carved 'molds' are reusable and can also be cut into smaller pieces. All materials in this kit are AP non-toxic. Clay not included.

Contains: 48 pieces of 3" x 3" x 1/2" hard density Balsa-Foam®, 12 assorted clay modeling tools, 12 colors of AMACO® Velvet Underglazes (2 oz. jars), 1 pint of AMACO® LG-10 clear glaze, 24 stippling tools, technique sheet.

Velvet Underglaze colors:
Intense Yellow, Flame Orange, Rose, Bright Red, Amethyst, Medium Blue, Electric Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Teddy Bear Brown, White, Jet Black

Balsa-Foam® is a registered trademark of American Foam Technologies.

Safety Warning

Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

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