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Class Pack: Balsa-Foam® Soft Density 24 (2"x 2" x 2") blocks

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Product Description

This kit has 24 (2x2x2inch) blocks of soft density Balsa-Foam®.

Balsa-Foam® is different from other plastic foams because it can be easily carved with traditional and non-traditional hand tools to create the shape and design you want. It can then be decorated with any paint just like balsa wood.

Balsa-Foam® (soft density) is great for students because it's easier to sculpt and does not require the use of sharp tools. Balsa-Foam® (hard density) is still easy to carve and shape like Balsa-Foam® soft density but the higher density holds intricate detail and is more durable.

Since Balsa-Foam® has no "memory" or rebound, it will hold an impression. This means you can create detailed shapes by simply pressing any object into the surface. A steel ruler can be used to make push cuts as a way to cut out more complex interior shapes. Carving knives and chisels virtually glide through Balsa-Foam® soft density and cut relatively easily through Balsa-Foam® hard density. Experiment with all sorts of tools to find the ones that work best for you.

Balsa-Foam® is a registered trademark of American Foam Technologies.

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