AMACO Product Safety

Industry Leader in Safe Engineering for Ceramic Products & Equipment

AMACO Safety - Safe Engineering for Ceramic Products and Equipment

AMACO Safety - Safe Engineering for Ceramic Products and Equipment

AMACO has led the industry for decades in the safe labeling of glazes, in the formulation of lead-free glazes and in the formulation of talc-free clays. Because children deserve safe classrooms.

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All AMACO products receive accreditation by the Art & Creative Materials Institute in accordance with federal standards ASTM/ D-4236/FHSA for safe labeling. AMACO products are either designated AP non-toxic lead-free for glazes or AP non-toxic talc-free for clays and other modeling materials. Additionally, some products are labeled “CL” (for Cautionary Labeling) although the majority of these products are also lead-free.

AMACO recommends only the use of AP non-toxic lead-free glazes for grades K-6. CL glazes are restricted from use in grades K-6. However, with adult supervision and by following safe usage procedures as clearly outlined on labels, AMACO CL lead-free glazes are safe for grades 7-12 and above.

AMACO manufactures 503 AP certified non-toxic lead free glazes– more safe glazes for the classroom than any other manufacturer in the world. Of those, 434 are AP non-toxic lead-free dinnerware-safe. That’s a serious claim because we have taken safe glaze formulation seriously since the 1950′s. That’s when we became the leader in lead-free formulation of ceramic glazes by introducing the F- Series of low fire glazes. However we did not stop there; we continued our research and were able to effect changes in every glaze and underglaze series we have– by matching color, texture and all other characteristics of the products available through the years– using Lead-Free formulas.

We have also introduced a large number of new contemporary gloss glazes, textured glazes, special effect glazes, even Reds, Oranges, and Yellows, the colors that were previously so hard to produce LEAD-FREE. As the awareness of the toxicity of chemicals and safe product usage has expanded, the glaze industry has had to work with a constantly shrinking list of chemicals in order to achieve the effects that potters want. No other manufacturer receives as many accreditations nor makes as many ceramic products as AMACO.

AMACO has been an industry leader in classroom safety since incorporation in 1922. AMACO was the first to begin reformulation of clay bodies to be talc-free in 1984 beginning with No. 25 White Art Clay. Today, 11 AMACO ceramic firing clay bodies and 4 air-dry modeling clays are talc-free and safe for school use. Use this link to see a complete list of talc-free AMACO® clays.

AMACO manufactures 25 UL Listed AMACO/EXCEL Kilns for classroom and studio that comply with industry standards for electrical wiring safety and operation. We should also mention, we make the most popular potter’s wheels in the world, brent®– models B, C, CXC, and EX are the best selling school and studio models.

For more information, please contact Steve Lampron, V.P., Ceramic Engineer & Manager of Technical Services or Lori Jenkins for technical support and product safety.

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