Crystaltex (CTL) Desktop Wallpaper

for Your Personal Computer

These glazes are so spectacular, we thought they would make great wallpaper for one’s computer. We hope you agree and will share these with your friends. For the full Desktop Wallpaper sized photos, please click on the image you wish to copy, after the screen has taken you to the large photo, then right click (Mac: control click) and choose “save as” to download the photo to your desktop. For Windows operating systems, once the the photo is on your desktop, right-click on it and choose “set as desktop background”. For Mac operating systems, place the photo in the Desktop Pictures folder within the Library folder. Then open your System Preferences, navigate to “Desktop & Screen Saver” and select the photo within there.

Photo of CTL-1 Jet Moss tile

CTL-1 Jet Moss

Photo of CTL-3 Lava tile

CTL-3 Lava

Photo of CTL-9 Snap Dragon tile

CTL-9 Snap Dragon

Photo of CTL-10 Peppermint Ice tile

CTL-10 Peppermint Ice

Photo of CTL-11 Snow Fire tile

CTL-11 Snow Fire

Photo of CTL-12 Mardi Gras tile

CTL-12 Mardi Gras

Photo of CTL-15 Moon Scape tile

CTL-15 Moon Scape

Photo of CTL-20 Royal Turquoise tile

CTL-20 Royal Turquoise

Photo of CTL-22 Milky Way tile

CTL-22 Milky Way

Photo of CTL-23 Moody Blue tile

CTL-23 Moody Blue

Photo of CTL-26 Sea Mist tile

CTL-26 Sea Mist

Photo of CTL-30 Singed Maple tile

CTL-30 Singed Maple

Photo of CTL-31 Brown Earth tile

CTL-31 Brown Earth

Photo of CTL-32 Chocolate Chip tile

CTL-32 Chocolate Chip

Photo of CTL-34 Granada tile

CTL-34 Granada

Photo of CTL-35 Nutmeg tile

CTL-35 Nutmeg

Photo of CTL-36 Ginger Bread tile

CTL-36 Ginger Bread

Photo of CTL-37 Desert Tortoise tile

CTL-37 Desert Tortoise

Photo of CTL-39 Yellow Universe tile

CTL-39 Yellow Universe

Photo of CTL-40 Forest tile

CTL-40 Forest

Photo of CTL-41 Melon tile

CTL-41 Melon

Photo of CTL-42 Fantasia tile

CTL-42 Fantasia

Photo of CTL-43 Aurora tile

CTL-43 Aurora

Photo of CTL-44 Turritella tile

CTL-44 Turritella

Photo of CTL-45 Sunset Jewel tile

CTL-45 Sunset Jewel

Photo of CTL-46 Ultramarine Jewel tile

CTL-46 Ultramarine Jewel

Photo of CTL-47 Tangerine Dream tile

CTL-47 Tangerine Dream

Photo of CTL-48 Sun and Sea tile

CTL-48 Sun and Sea

Photo of CTL-49 Azurite tile

CTL-49 Azurite

Photo of CTL-52 Watsonia Red tile

CTL-52 Watsonia Red

Photo of CTL-54 Firecracker tile

CTL-54 Firecracker

Photo of CTL-61 Buttercup tile

CTL-61 Buttercup

Photo of CTL-67 Summer Mango tile

CTL-67 Summer Mango

Photo of CTL-69 Sass Saffron tile

CTL-69 Sassy Saffron

Photo of CTL-70 Magnolia Jewel tile

CTL-70 Magnolia Jewel

Photo of CTL-71 Purple Blaze tile

CTL-71 Purple Blaze

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