In 2008 we Celebrated 90 Years as a Leader in Safe Ceramic Programs with 40 Years of Brent Innovation for Pottery Wheels

From a Colorful Past, Comes an Exciting Future!

Interesting Current & Historical Articles:

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Safety & Founding Member of ACMI
Purdue Pharmacist Makes First American Modeling Clay
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AMACO Moves from Speedway after 75 Years
Business & Service to the Arts

AMACO moved to a larger facility in 2004 with 120 trailers carrying furniture, inventory and manufacturing equipment. The new AMACO/Brent HQ on 14 acres with 50% more space than original Speedway location, houses 170 office and factory employees, ceramic classrooms, the AMACO/Brent Contemporary Clay Gallery, and the permanent collection of AMACO Art Deco Pottery.

We have enjoyed many ‘firsts in the industry’…

  • Making the first American modeling clay in 1919
  • Publishing first Lesson Plans for art teachers in 1921
  • Operating a fine art deco production pottery in the 30’s/40’s
  • Making the first electric kiln for school and studio use in 1934
  • Becoming a founding member of ACMI in 1936
  • Introducing the first lead free glaze to the industry in 1951
  • Operating an exotic zoo for school tours in the 60’s
  • Launching Rub ‘n Buff®—the ‘Original’ wax metallic finish at the 1964 World’s Fair
  • Establishing the first glaze labeling practices with ACMI in 1976
  • Buying Brent® Potters Wheels & Equipment in 1978
  • Developing the first adaptable potter’s wheel for the physically challenged in 1982
  • Introducing QuickCenter™—the first automatic centering device for wheels
  • Manufacturing Brent® products with recycled materials in 2009

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