Santa and Reindeer Ornaments

Craft Project - Santa & Reindeer Ornaments

Craft Project - Santa & Reindeer Ornaments

By Linda Peterson


FIMO® Soft Polymer Clay — White (#0), Black (#9), Cherry Red (#26), Emerald (#56), Sahara (#70), and Caramel (#7)
AMACO® Needle Tool
AMACO® PolyBlade or Craft Knife
AMACO® Polymer Clay Template
Index Card
Damp Cloth

Santa Instructions

Step 1
BODY: Roll a 11/2″ Cherry Red ball into a cone shape. Press bottom on a flat surface.

Step 2
LEGS: Roll two 1″ Cherry Red balls into a cone shape. Press one to each side of body at the base. Roll two 7/8″ Black balls and press onto bottom of legs for shoes. Roll a White log 1/4″ diameter. Flatten with fingers. Wrap around bottom of each pant leg and trim where edges meet. Wrap White log around waist and trim.

Step 3
ARMS: Roll two 1″ Cherry Red balls into tapered logs (thicker at one end than the other). Press onto each side of body for arms. Roll two 9/16″ Sahara balls. Press onto ends of arms for hands. Wrap White clay around cuff in the same manner as pant legs.

Step 4
HEAD: Insert toothpick at neck base, trim leaving 1/2″ above neck. Roll a 1″ Sahara ball. Press ball over toothpick. Roll a White log 1/2″ thick and 2″ long. Flatten with fingers and taper each end to a point. Begin at one ear and wrap log around to other ear following the chin line. Roll two 1/2″ White balls, shape into teardrops. Position these above the beard. Roll a 1/4″ Sahara ball and press in middle for nose. Poke holes with needle tool for eyes.

Step 5
HAT: Cut a 2″ cherry Red triangle. Wrap base around forehead. Flatten a 1/4″ White log with fingers and wrap around base of hat and trim excess. Roll three 1/4″ Cherry Red balls and press onto hat for berries. Roll three 1/4″ Emerald balls, shape into teardrops and press around berries for leaves. Draw in leaf veins with needle tool.

Reindeer Instructions

Use Caramel FIMO® Soft unless specified.

Step 1
LEGS: Shape four 11/16″ balls into tapered logs. Press a 7/16″ Black ball to each thick end of Caramel log for hooves. Position legs so that they are all together (use picture as guide).

Step 2
BODY: Shape a 11/4″ ball into an oval, press over legs. Shape a 1/4″ Cherry Red ball in center for nose. Poke holes for eyes with needle tool. Roll a small Caramel log 1/2″ long. Fold in half and press to each side of head for ears.

Step 3
ANTLERS: Shape six 3/8″ Sahara balls into long teardrops. Press together in sections of three as shown in photo. Press to top of head.

Step 4
WREATH: Flatten 1/4″ Emerald log, wrap around neck and trim where edges meet. Shape four 1/4″ Cherry Red balls into triangles. Elongate two for streamers. Press onto wreath. Press remaining triangles over top of streamers to create bow. Press tiny ball into center for knot.

Bake both projects in a pre-heated oven at 265°F (130°C) for 30 to 45 minutes. Let cool.

Santa and Reindeer Ornaments in PDF format

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