Pottery Clay Angels

Craft Project - Pottery Clay Angels

Craft Project - Pottery Clay Angels

Designed by: Michelle Zimmerman

These clay angels are very stylish yet simple to make. They’ll enhance any Seasonal display with their soft pink color and suede like clay finish.

Materials Needed:

AMACO® Mexican Pottery Clay™ – 2 lb. box
AMACO® Fun Wire™ – Clear Copper, 18 gauge
Styrofoam cones (1 per angel)
Large heart shape cutter (optional)
Small drill bit
Plastic wrap
Clay tools and roller

Step 1
Roll out the clay out on plain newsprint until it is around ¼” thick.

Step 2
Cover one styrofoam cone per angel with plastic wrap. Wrap the clay around the styrofoam cone and trim away the excess clay. Seal the side seams with your hand and close the clay at the top. Trim the bottom of the shape evenly so it will stand.

Step 3
Cut the wings using a heart shape cutter from the rolled out clay. Cut shape in two then pull on ends to form wings (wings can also be formed by hand drawing a template and then cutting around it). Fix the wings to the back of the angel.

Step 4
To make the head, roll a ball of clay in your hand. Hollow out the center of the ball and then press onto the top of the cone shape. Set aside to dry.

Step 5
When the clay has dried enough that it feels like leather, use a small drill bit to make the hole for the halo wire in the back of the angel’s neck. Remove the styrofoam shape and the plastic from the inside of the angel.

Step 6
Create a halo from Fun Wire™ and glue into the hole you made at the back of the angel.

Step 7
Allow to dry thoroughly.

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